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During our business experiences, we have found some web sites that have been good references. Each of these takes you away from Above-N-Beyond's site, and we can't be responsible for outside information or the results of action based on that information. We're offering these links in the hopes you find something of benefit to you and your situation.

Franchise Tax Board (FTB) News
Get the latest California tax developments direct from Franchise Tax Board

IRS Tax News
Get the latest developments direct from the IRS

California Tax Center
Income, Payroll, Sales and Use taxes and more. Forms & Publications, File online, Payment options, Important dates, Credits & deductions, Reporting requirements, Rates & schedules, Homeowner and Renter Assistance program removed from 2008/2009 budget; Stimulus payments - What you need to know

Drake Software
This is one of the highest rated tax software packages available. Above-N-Beyond uses it.

This is one of only a few popular payment methods used on the Internet.

Husband and Wife Businesses
Explore the spouse as a partner or an employee.

Recommended Reading for Small Businesses
A list of nine publications for small businesses. All nine are available as a PDF, and eight are available as a web page.

Information on Home Foreclosure and Debt Cancellation
Updated Dec. 11, 2008. An attempt to answer questions about debt and loss in a home foreclosure situation.

How to Report Tax Fraud
Form 3949 A which identifies an entity and information about a possible tax fraud.

IRS Office Locations in CA
A list of local IRS offices plus a list of Taxpayer Advocate Phone numbers and a link to the appropriate Publication.

Tax Rules for Gifts
What you can and can't do regarding gifts.

Retirement benefits or working while receiving Social Security
The ins and outs of working in relation to Social Security

Market Data, Indexes, Stock Quotes & More 

Wall Street Journal Market Data Center Home
A vast array of numbers, tables, and graphs to illustrate economic fact or trend.

Another respected source of economic fact and opinion.

A stock trading site.

2009 CA Employers Guide
A 108 page booklet.

Employment Development Department (EDD)
California's Unemployment Office

CA Job Service
California's Internet system for linking employer job
listings and job seeker résumés.

Employee or an Independent Contractor?
Whether a worker is classified as an independent contractor or an employee greatly affects the taxes and other costs a small business owner must pay.

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